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5 star ratingPerfect get away!

We have stayed over ten times at several of the cabins (Hideaway, Outback, Love Shack, Couples Paradise, and Laurelwood).  My husbands favorite is Outback because of shower / privacy and mine is Laurelwood because of the windows / view.  We stay a minimum of once a year - every year.  

The cabins are clean and well maintained.  The staff is wonderful and make you feel welcome.  Close to lots of things to do and yet far enough away to feel like you are alone.  When we had plumbing problems they were fixed immediately and we did not feel inconvenienced by any part of it.  

I would recommend for a family or couple or even a retreat for some alone time.

Tina R. Avatar
Tina R.

5 star ratingOur cabin was cleaner than any hotel I've ever been in!!! The appliances were all new. We were in the woods but not far from town. Using the cabin kitchen to make meals was wonderful! We chose a pet friendly cabin, which allowed us to bring our furry family member. Maintenance checked the hot tub daily, and they drain and clean it between customers. The Alpine cabin was the perfect place for our family to stay when we weren't fishing, hiking or visiting antique malls. Highly recommend!!!

Sheri N. Avatar
Sheri N.

5 star ratingOnce you stay in an Old Man's Cave Chalets Lodge or cabin, you'll never want to stay anywhere else.

I have stayed in the Hocking Hills area using a few different cabin rental companies, and OMCC is by far my favorite.

Every cabin that I have stayed in has been so clean that you really could eat off the floor. The kitchens are well stocked, there's a hot tub at every site (even the smaller A Frame cabins) and the front desk staff at the main office couldn't be any nicer.

Most cabins have optional wi-fi, and some of them are even pet-friendly!

Dee M. Avatar
Dee M.

5 star ratingMy boyfriend and I stayed here during a holiday weekend and the staff was very quick and helpful. The cabin we rented was very clean, the hot tub and jacuzzi were also clean. They had a booklet in the cabin of nearby trails and businesses. We honestly couldn't have asked for more.

Vivyan Y. Avatar
Vivyan Y.

5 star ratingWe stayed in two different cabins. The Lake View & Big Sky Lodge. Both were modern, comfortable and so clean! We had wifi and some of the most beautiful views! I would absolutely recommend staying at any of these properties! The staff was so friendly, efficient and accommodating! We won't be staying anywhere else when we come to town!

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J W.

4 star ratingSuch great accommodations! We rented a five-bedroom house for 5 families spent for a weekend at Hocking Hills. The Chalets did not disappoint as the amenities were complete: stove, fridge, grill, coffee maker, microwave, and everything you could possibly need to never feel like you left home. This was "glamping" at it's best.

Camping sucks, but I've come a long way folks... No more digging latrines to poop!

The only downside was the weak wifi signal. I was having a bad case of internet withdrawal as I was unable to immediately post all my hiking selfies to Facebook. So bummed.

Vince V. Avatar
Vince V.

5 star ratingFrom the online reservation to the checkout, the experience was great!  We stayed at the Big Sky Lodge. It was well stocked, very clean and comfortable. The setting was lovely- hilltop view and beautiful starry nights. I can only imagine how nice it would be to stay there in the summer when the pool could be used!

Cindy S. Avatar
Cindy S.

4 star ratingI rented one of their cabins, it was an excellent experience. The only issue was not having cell reception around the area, till you get back on the highway. Also, they have a mini kitchen in their cabins and each cabin has a private Jacuzzi which was neat. They do not really have any food around there, so its better to pack ahead and also better to go full tank on gas, since you cant really find anything close by for food or gas, unless you drive around 8-10 miles of country road, but other than that, it was beautiful place to spend a weekend.

Amruta D. Avatar
Amruta D.

5 star ratingHad a great birthday get away!! I will be back soon again. Note: narrow roads to my cabin. Glad I had a small car for the road.

Vega C. Avatar
Vega C.

5 star ratingSuch a breathtaking place. We went during the month of December so it was very foggy but yet still very beautiful. It wad very quiet not too many people around.

Alexia G. Avatar
Alexia G.

5 star ratingStayed at the Big Sky Lodge and it was awesome! Everything was top notch, from the website, to the front desk, to the actual cabin. It was the perfect environment to make some great memories with friends and family. Highly recommended

Nick H. Avatar
Nick H.

5 star ratingGorgeous. Beautiful. It truly is nature porn!! We went in the winter (middle of February) and although cold, snowy, and a tad icy, it was MORE than completely worth it. You cannot beat the sight of 100 foot icicles and waterfalls completely frozen in place. It's unreal and breathtaking.

Elizabeth L. Avatar
Elizabeth L.

5 star ratingI have a memory of coming here and walking with my grandpa one Sunday after church. We didn't go very far because obviously, church clothes, but it was clear to me even then that this was a very special place.

Although I don't live in Hocking County anymore, Old Man's Cave is definitely a gem and completely worth a visit, no matter where you're coming from.

I have seen a lot of parks, etc, and this is probably one of the most well kept and cleanest, even though the State of Ohio doesn't seem to think parks are as important anymore.

The Devil's bathtub is awesome, cedar falls is awesome. Pretty much everything is awesome as long as there hasn't been a lack of rain. Then it just looks like a big hole in the ground.

There is an excellent photography contest ever April that is interested to attend even if you don't participate. Just being out in the parks watching people take pictures is pretty cool.

Chelsey M. Avatar
Chelsey M.

5 star ratingBeautiful! Well worth checking out. Take the hike to Old Man's Cave. The scenery is beautiful and so nice. The cave itself is awesome. I especially loved the waterfalls.

Misty R. Avatar
Misty R.

4 star ratingThe scenery is incredible, we just happened to go on an extremely, over-crowded day ... but what can one expect on a late October Saturday afternoon when the sun is shining and it's about 70 degrees! We will return and hopefully can take in the true beauty, without someone stepping on my foot or yelling.

Amanda Z. Avatar
Amanda Z.

4 star ratingThis place is awesome! We stayed at the laurel wood chalet it's really secluded and there is only one other place you can see in the distant but there was no one that can bother you it was nice and clean there is a gas fire place and a hot tub fully functioning kitchen with all the utensils for grilling and cooking and there is a wine bottle opener plates cups and pizza cutter there was a lot included oh and a full functioning fridge there are no out door sir lights so at night it's pitch dark but it's really cool cuz you can see the stars. There are steep stairs that go up to the second bed but I don't advise doing it while your drunk lol overall it was awesome but there is a weird smell when you first walk in and the short head sucks. Oh and you need to bring more showering soap I would definitely come back again it's two miles down the road from old mans cave and about 15 min from town where they have really good food if you don't plan on cooking.

Vu N. Avatar
Vu N.

4 star ratingOld Man's Caves - Loved hiking the trails, climbing the rocks, and looking at the amazing scenery.

Georgio S. Avatar
Georgio S.

5 star ratingMy sorority would rent out one of these cabins for a night of bonding once a year or so, and I totally loved it. What a great time and great memories. Definitely visit if you are in the area, and Ohio U students, request that your organization hosts a get-together there! Wonderful, wonderful time in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to.

Sarah G. Avatar
Sarah G.

5 star ratingCame here on a weekend and hiked from 1-5pm. The 4 hours passed by so quickly when walking through scenic forestry and waterfalls. I thought that the cave itself was the least impressive part of the hike. Once you get past the populated regions of the hike, it is beautiful to connect with nature in a more secluded area.

I was worried about walking into wildlife, as I am not an experienced hiker. But the trails are so well maintained that it is ideal for all levels. The main trail has man-made steps and bridges. I found myself hiking past all that into the rock formations. Wildlife was people friendly- just rabbits, butterflies, birds.

I saw lots of cabins in the area for cheap weekend getaways.

This is surely one of my most memorable hiking adventures. I will surely come back to continue delving into this hobby.

Natalia P. Avatar
Natalia P.

5 star ratingWe stayed at the Old Man Cave Chalet's over Labor Day weekend 2012.  The front desk was very friendly and helpful.  The chalet itself is fairly easy to get to.  The roads were paved getting to it.  Each chalet has a two car "driveway."  They are small A-frame houses.  The bedroom downstairs was a decent size.  The bathroom was a very good size.  The "kitchen" had a dorm size refrigerator, and a hot plate looking type stove.  The living room had a chair and a love seat.  There was a four seat table to eat at.  The loft was fine.  All of the beds were VERY comfortable!  The deck was very quaint and the hotub was nice.  It was not very big.  They have someone check the hotub daily and fill it when necessary.  Small TV in the living room with Directv.

This is definitely in the cut though.  Cell phone reception was spotty at best and you need (if you can believe they still exist) phone cards if you want to make long distance calls on the phone.  The swimming pool was nice but cold.  It was probably in the high 70's temperature wise, but that was because we were the last weekend of the year.  It is about a 5-7 minute ride to the Old Man Caves from the chalet.

Overall, the chalets were very clean, and VERY relaxing.  I would definitely return

Rob K. Avatar
Rob K.

5 star ratingThis is a very attractive park with some fantastic scenery and nice, decently marked trails. ...though I would note when they say "strenuous" they mean it in regards to the "blue trail".

The trail around the cave itself isn't too bad, though the steps are pretty uneven.  There were a number of children and senior citizens when I was there who had to take it all very slowly.  However, the pay off is worth it.  The day I went it was ninety degrees outside, but felt maybe 80 at most in the coolness of the gorge and in the shade of the cave and trees.  

The cave itself is the main draw and well worth the visit.  It's a gorgeous structure with lots of great photo ops.  However, the crowds are pretty thick.  Be careful near the edges lest unruly children try to push you over when they rush past.  

I didn't hang around the cave itself much during my visit and instead did the six mile loop of blue trail to red trail.  The blue trail is the prettier of the two, tracing the river bed with its myriad colors.  The surrounding cliff faces are very attractive with windswept sedimentary striping, and worth seeing.  The river, though, was particularly pretty.

During my trip, the water levels were very low, but the colors ridiculously vibrant.  Each area of the river has a different color of sediment, changing its color completely with the levels so low.  Where they mix, there's something of a rainbow effect that is just stunning.  

Of course, the trade off is that the waterfalls are pretty much dried to nothing at the moment...  Still, the rock faces they usually drop from are attractive in their own right and kids can still splash in the pool where it would normally cascade.

Though gorgeous and worth the trek, this path is pretty tricky.  There are a number of areas that require you to scramble up or across rocks and even tree limbs.  I did see a number of elderly people and folks with babies who didn't seem to be having much trouble, but I'm not sure I would recommend it for anyone who has problems with climbing or strenuous exercise.   Even stairs, where they exist, can be ridiculously deep or tricky.  So, use caution.

The other path up on the cliff - the red path - is....  more typical.  It goes through the woods which is attractive, tranquil, and pleasant, but it's hard to find it too exciting after the beauty of the blue trail.  It does lead to the Rose Lake dam, though, which is a very pretty vista indeed.  Also, aside from one rather steep hill leading up from the Cedar Falls side, the path is level, even, and easy going.

The parking lot and visitor center at Old Man's Cave is, as of Summer 2012, under construction, but everything is still open.    If you plan to do the round-trip hike, you can also park at Cedar Falls instead.

Carolyn E. Avatar
Carolyn E.

4 star ratingGreat place to hike and take in the beauty and awe of nature. Restroom and concession/vending facilities available. Different lengths and difficulty levels for all age groups, but all will require a good amount of effort. Does not appear to be handicap accessible like its partner Ash cave is. Good day trip.

Amanda R. Avatar
Amanda R.

5 star ratingLots. Of. Stairs. Good for a workout, bad if you're out of shape. Well worth it though. Beautiful place to hike.

The hiking trails here easy to walk except for the stairs and more stairs around every turn and almost always going up no matter which direction you're going in. But the trails are wide and flat, well marked, and not hard to walk (again except for the stairs). The scenery is beautiful, among the better places I've been and I used to go hiking every weekend all my life growing up in Connecticut.

There were three waterfalls that I saw. The upper falls, lower falls, and a small unmarked falls at the entrance. The waterfalls and stream are just a trickle and I have to wonder if it flows deeper and thus the waterfalls more spectacular in winter and early spring.

The facilities here are top notch for a state park. There's bathrooms that are disgusting but more than the usual park bathrooms that are more than a portopotty but not a real bathroom. But there's a snack bar with all kinds of food and ice cream, a gift shop that would probably be cool if it was open. There's a nature center too but it's hardly worth your time.

You might want to bring a swimsuit and splash around in the water under the falls if that's allowed. The trails are exhausting with all the climbing and we didn't even walk the gorge trail. So pace yourself and don't try to do the whole thing in one day unless you're in shape. Don't run, it's dangerous with lots of places to fall to your death or dismemberment. Pack a lunch and eat it by the falls and bring water, and bring a first aid kit because you always should when you're in the woods and because out here in the middle of nowhere an ambulance wouldn't get there until the next day (and that's after you hiked out to get help because there's no cell phone reception).

This place is way out in the middle of nowhere and there's no cell phone reception. So don't rely on GPS on your phone to get you there. It won't. And make sure you have plenty of gas and your car is in good shape. If you break down out here, you're hitchhiking. There aren't even many houses to knock on doors to use a phone to call for help. When I was growing up we didn't even have cell phones. They were play things of the rich in those days. I loved being out in nature away from contact. Now I hate being off the grid. I get nervous with no contact with the outside world and no way to call for help, no way to find my way if I get lost. It's one of those things I always lived without and was fine but now that I have it I can't live without it. Life is full of those things. But this one could actually be life or death important.

Pictures: picasaweb.google.com/117…

Nate M. Avatar
Nate M.

5 star ratingReally Beautiful - this is a must see!  We also really enjoyed Ash Cave and many of the other areas in the Hocking Hills Area - but this was our favorite - our entire family from the age of 3 to 68 enjoyed the views and hiking.  Keep your little ones close in some areas, but really can me done by all in your family.

David R. Avatar
David R.

4 star ratingOK, I think I'll start with my Pros: Loved the seclusion of the whole cabin, however, there was another cabin to the right of us so that was a little different, we never heard those people which I was happy about. I felt checking in, everything went well, very nice guy working the check in desk. I loved Cross Creek Cabin because it was literally behind a creek, so you can hear the water flowing 24/7. I thought the cabin inside was wonderful, the smell of pine, the homey atmosphere, I mean they even had the fan going and ice in the ice trays. Such a comforting home away from home feeling. I thought it was very nice and spacious, two bedrooms, and a fireplace, with a nice sized T.V. and lovely hot tub!

Some Cons: The cabin is a little hard to get to, I mean my Toyota Echo had a little trouble and there isn't even any snow, however, they do give you warning on their website. The cabin had a hot tub which is loud as it clicks on and off. Plus everything creeks, when someone is showering, the piping squeaks and bangs. I know for sure there had to be a mouse or some kind of creature around because I heard it going through things. CREEPY when you are out in the middle of NOWHERE. I'm talking ZERO cell phone service, ZERO internet...the land line is pre pay card only, which I had no idea about...annoying.

One special thing about Cross Creek, I'm not sure about others is that laying on the coffee table was a book of people who have stayed in this cabin previously and wrote about their stays. We found that they all had hidden change around the cabin, which the person I was with found three. I, however, found none... It was really cute to read about the other experiences people had..like a live YELP! haha but we saw that Cedar Falls was worth seeing, so we took a 10 mile hike to see it and it totally was worth it.

I loved staying here, and will absolutely go back, just for a weekend, not four days like last time 🙂

Colleen P. Avatar
Colleen P.

5 star ratingThis is a great place to go to enjoy nature! You don't have to pay for parking or entrance to go in so it's a great inexpensive way to spend the day with the family. The hike was easy enough for kids to go on. It was very picturesque and the great part of it was that it was a loop so you end up where you started!

Faith C. Avatar
Faith C.

5 star ratingA wonderful place. Lovely to walk around and take pictures. The paths were well maintained and the bridges were as well. If I lived in the area I would be visiting this place all the time. Nature can be more fun than anything man made..and of course it's free, which is a plus! The visitor center was interesting too (although not air conditioned).

Theresa K. Avatar
Theresa K.

4 star ratingWe chose Omcc because they had pet friendly cabins and I had a $60 off coupon from the Entertainment Book. After setting foot into our cabin I was so happy we chose Omcc. The cabin was spotless! It was so clean and well maintained! That immediately put my mind at ease and I knew it'd be a good trip.

We loved the hot tub and secluded back deck. At first, we were put off by how close the cabins are to each other, but it really didn't effect our trip at all. It felt very private. We loved the sky lights on the deck and in the cabin.

Our pets felt very comfortable too. They loved the cozy first floor. We used the fire place both nights to heat things up.

The kitchen was well stocked with utensils and the bathroom had enough of everything and thoughtful storage. I was excited to see Bath & Body Works products!! The beds had lots of available linens so we had blankets to use on the couch too.

The only things I'd put on my wish list for the next trip would be a bigger flat screen TV with a better working DVD player and I wished the living room faced the fire place, but I am not sure that'd work with the space.

Definitely bring extra towels to use outside by the hot tub and some scented candles really help create some homeyness!

We can't wait for our next relaxing weekend getaway with the pups at Omcc

Liz M. Avatar
Liz M.

5 star ratingIt's been years since my last visit to this place. The last time I was here, I think I was around 13 years old. And guess what? It hasn't changed a bit. Thank God. I loved this adventurous hike as a child and I still loved it as an adult. The scenery was beautiful, the wildlife graceful... But the falls were less than spectacular. Though I did come at a dry part of the season, so I can't be too shocked that Cedar Falls was more like Cedar Drips.

   It's an 8 mile hike round trip from Old Man's Cave to Cedar Falls and back. But it's worth it. It really was an amazingly energizing hike. The only complaint I would have is there were quite a few families there but it was Labor Day weekend. Maybe next time I'll go during the week when everyone's at work.

Great Job Old Man, your cave gets 5 stars!

Kyle J. Avatar
Kyle J.

5 star ratingCall me naive - I did not realize what a tourist destination Old Man's Cave is for so many different families! Families of all shapes and sizes and colors flocked to Old Man's Cave this Labor Day weekend to spend quality time together outside. And by quality time I mean shouting loudly at one another and dragging the kids through the gorge. In fact, I would suggest avoiding Old Man's Cave during any major holiday weekend - too many children to properly enjoy the peace and quite that Old Man's Cave can hold.

And talk about peace and quiet! Once you're out of the main viewing area after the many stair climb down into the gorge, you're left to yourself as you choose to either hike to Ash Cave or Cedar Falls. The terrain never gets too dangerous and the trails are clearly marked - but it can be quite a hike if you're not used to it! If you're interested in seeing the waterfalls that the area has to offer, I would suggest going after a week or two of rain. The waterfalls were not in bloom and we were left looking at the face of the cliff full of rocks, and while they are interesting they are not stunning on their own.

There are no bathrooms or water fountains along the trail so plan accordingly. Also dress in light layers - as it can be very chilly down in the gorge - but if you hit a patch of sunlight you will warm up fast!

Lisa S. Avatar
Lisa S.

4 star ratingVery nice location in Hocking Hills area. Old Man's Cave Chalets is in a great location near all commerce, but still far enough away for peace and quiet. My wife and I stayed in the A frame cottages and enjoyed every minute.  Grouse Nest Restaurant is a must try.  The customer service was O.K. nothing special. The price is a little high; you can find other cabins in the area at a lower price.

S W. Avatar
S W.

4 star ratingAn excellent weekend getaway from the razmatazz of modern living. Old Man's Cave is one the coolest destinations in Ohio. The chalets have hot tubs in every suite. They seemed clean to me, I am not an authority on the cleanliness of hot tubs. It is a very romantic place and I am sure the hot tubs have been used for more than just relaxing. There are grills to cook on and lots of land to explore. It is an inexpensive option for any weekend you want to do a Neil Zurcher One Tank Trip.

P W. Avatar
P W.

5 star ratingOld Man's Cave is great as a day trip, but even better as a weekend. Its the halfway point between Columbus and Athens and is an amazing feat of nature.

Old Man's cave is part of a natural amusement park of caves, camping and kayaking. In this area is also the Cantwell Cliffs, Ash Cave and my personal favorite; the Rock House. It is popular for camping, hiking, and cabin rental. During the summer and spring its packed with picnickers and families. The fall finds it full of leaf peepers. The winter is not very busy but it should be as most of the falls are frozen and gorgeous. Bring a camera.

Old Man's cave gets its name because of a natural formation that resembles a man's face. Clever. It is the easiest place to get to and a good starting point. Ash Cave is in the same area and full of history and mystery. Ash cave may have been used as a sacrifice site for the Indians who found it first. The ashy sand pretty much backs up this theory. I enjoy climbing the giant rock in the cave's center which gives you a "king of the mountain view" of the trickle waterfall that empties into a pool inside the cave. Picturesque. Ash cave also has HUNDREDS of names carved into it proving graffiti has been going strong since the 1800's. The latrine at this cave is especially clean, so hold it till you get here.

The Rock House is a natural house of rock. Again, clever. Going inside of it makes it easy to imagine Indians sleeping in the little nooks or holding enemies at bay. To get to the Rock House you have to go down about a million steps, so be prepared to realize how unfit you are on the way up. Still, the way down is beautiful and makes you feel  small up against such majesty.

Cedar Falls are a series of waterfalls that lead into a pool that is excellent for wading. It reminds me of something the Goonies would have found looking for One Eyed Willie. The Devil's bathtub is a whirlpool that is not good for anything but watching. Don't even try it. Devil's bathtub is cool in the winter when the water swirls into angry frozen sculpture.

Camping is fun here but you should really go for a cabin. Better deals mid week and winter, but almost all have a hot tub. And no raccoons. If you do camp, try Top of the Caves, or the primitive sites by the park's entrance.

Big Timber Rd runs around the area and if you are into cars you gotta try it. Hair pin turns, drops, and hills that will let you get some air.

Old Man's Cave is great year round and worth the drive.

Marissa M. Avatar
Marissa M.