Cantwell Cliffs - Hocking Hills

Cantwell Cliffs - Hocking Hills

Cantwell Cliffs is one of the six major areas of the Hocking Hills State Park, and has been described as the most picturesque location in Hocking County. The cliffs are located about 17 miles from the Hocking Hills State Park’s most popular attraction, Old Man’s Cave.

The cliffs stand approximately 150 feet high and overlook Buck Run. A waterfall from Buck Run also flows over a portion of the cliffs, and the erosion this has caused over the ages accounts for the deep valley, steep cliffs, and rock shelter under the cliff.

Visitors to Catwell Cliffs may chose to follow either the trails of the valley floor or the rim. Hikers who choose the East Rim Trail will be rewarded by a scenic view of the cliff and rock shelter at Lookout Point. Hikers approaching the rock shelter will find that the trail winds its way through narrow passageways caused by large slump blocks that have fallen away from the main cliff.

Cantwell Cliffs is the least visited of the Hocking Hills State Park attractions, but many people believe this area contains some of the park’s most beautiful features.

The other major natural attractions of Hocking Hills State Park are Old Man’s Cave, Ash Cave, Cedar Falls, Conkle’s Hollow and Rock House.