Cantwell Cliffs – A True Wonder of Nature

Cantwell Cliffs is one of the most popular trails in the Hocking Hills State Park. It is also one of the most adventurous among the Hocking Hills attractions. The cliffs are located at one of the remotest part of the park, allowing only those to enter who have the enthusiasm to explore the great wonder of nature.

Hiking trails leading to the cliffs remain abuzz with activity during the summer months. Winters see low traffic but a steady stream of committed adventurers keep pouring in especially those who want to camp out in the area.

The most distinguishing feature of Cantwell Cliffs is the Fat Woman’s Squeeze. It is quite a narrow passage that cuts through slump blocks that were detached from the main cliff millions of years ago. Thick vegetation grows on the sides of the cliff, allowing little sunlight during the brightest of days.

The thrill of hiking through the narrow passages and scaling the cliffs is exciting enough that many like to visit the area early in the morning. It is the time when the nature is in full bloom. You can explore the vibrant flora and fauna especially the birds and insects that inhabit the cliffs.

Another thing to admire is the cross-bedded stone structure of the cliff that resembles a multi-layered cake if seen from a distance. A closer look will reveal that there is no dearth of concretions either that add an iconic touch to the cliff. Iron oxide is responsible for concretions and its exposure to the elements has resulted in the creation of interesting patterns of colors – especially a mix of red and dark brown.

Stepping stones and stairs have been added to facilitate hikers in exploring the area. The best way to visit every nook and corner of the Cantwell Cliffs is to take a detour from the main Hocking Hills trail and follow the directions to the cliffs. There are two types of trails where the one is less challenging than the other and offer a commanding view of the attraction from a vantage point. Most tourists, however, like to explore the tougher trail that leads them through the center of the cliffs, negotiating narrow alleyways and dense vegetation.

Cantwell Cliffs have facilities for both adventurers and family visitors. The latter can enjoy a day out exploring the natural wonders, enjoy a barbecue and camp out in the woods. Adventurers have much more to do as they can scale the cliffs and do bungee jumping.

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