Hocking Hills Plants and Wildflower Guide

Spring has sprung in Hocking Hills, and it’s time to embrace the season’s splendor! As the weather warms up, snowy trails melt, and waterfalls unthaw, the landscape begins to blossom with Hocking Hills plants and wildflowers. Over 300 wildflower species, plants, and trees blossom and line our scenic trails from late March through early June. Choose Chalets in Hocking Hills to host your spring getaway and enjoy easy access to the trails and exclusive spring discounts!

Discover Hocking Hills Plants and Wildflowers this Spring

Hocking Hills is home to an unusual variety of native plant life, including ferns, shrubs, and trees like hemlock, beech, black birch, maples, pines, and oaks. Common wildflower species include Virginia bluebells, pink lady slippers, columbines, and violets. Use this Spring Wildflowers of Ohio field guide for more information on identifying what’s blooming! 

Join the Annual Wildflowers and Waterfall Hike

Kick off spring with the annual Wildflowers and Waterfall Hike with a local naturalist. This free event is available every weekday from April 23rd through the 29th, starting at 10 am. Hikes are held at various trailheads within the park and range from moderate to difficult. 

Spring Hikes in Hocking Hills

All of these trails are a part of the Wildflower Week hikes. However, if you can’t make it for the guided walks, we welcome you to explore these trails on your own anytime during the spring!


  • Rose Lake: Guided hikes are two miles round trip, and meet at Rose Lake Fishermans Parking lot. Or go on your own time and take in the view of wildflowers as you spend an afternoon trout fishing here!
  • Ash Cave: The naturalist hike will take you from the Fire Tower to Ash Cave, the largest recess cave in the state. Whenever you decide to hike this spring, the valley flower will blossom with trillium, Dutchman’s breeches, and trout lily! This is also the best time to see the tributary from Queer Creek flowing over the cave.
  • Cedar Falls: Take a spring hike to Cedar Falls, and witness the mighty cascade of Hocking Hill’s largest waterfall while looking for blossoming flowers. The trail leading to the falls will be filled with lush greenery and hemlock trees.
  • Whispering Cave: The guided option will take hikers around Whispering Cave and Old Mans Cave Loop on a scenic four-mile hike. Or hit the trail on your own time and discover vast pine forests, recess caves, waterfalls, and bridges this spring!

Experience the Return of Morel Mushroom Season

One of the most popular Hocking Hills plants to look for this spring is morel mushrooms! Spend your getaway foraging for these unique plants around Old Man’s Cave. Read our blog Discover Morel Mushrooms in Ohio’s Hocking Hills for more information!

Spring Cabin Rentals Near Hocking Hills

After exploring our lush trails lined with Hocking Hills plants and wildflowers, return to your cabin with Chalets in Hocking Hills. We offer over 50 cabins near the state parks, so endless spring adventures are at your fingertips. Browse our discounts and promotions and call us at 800-762-9396 to save on your spring stay!