Top Tourist Attractions in Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills is one of the most scenic locations in Ohio. The Hocking Hills State Park, which comprises a large area of the Hocking County, is home to many natural wonders. It is the place where the Alleghany Plateau reveals its magnificence in the form of waterfalls, rock formations, cliffs and caves. The park attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

While planning a visit to the Hocking Hills, do not forget to head to the attractions listed below. These will truly blow off your mind and introduce you to many wonders.

Rock House

You will feel like transported to the Chinese highlands where myth and nature work hand in hand with plenty of caves and cliffs and hundreds of stone steps going up and down the hills. The Rock House is the most prominent cave complex in Hocking Hills that you can access by climbing a chain of wooden stairs that negotiate dangerous turns and twists.

It may be a little taxing to climb the stairs but it is worth taking up the challenge when you will enter the cave. The large tunnel-like structure remains abuzz with activity during the busy summer season.

Ash Cave

Want to visit a cave that is actually open? What if it also comes with a stunning waterfall? Ash Cave is the place to go if you want to marvel at the natural beauty of Hocking Hills. The recess cave is 100 feet high and 700 feet wide with a waterfall at its center. Ash Cave has remained an important pilgrimage site for centuries and many still converge to offer a congregational prayer.

Cedar Falls

Admirers of natural beauty cannot miss the Cedar Falls, which may not be as huge as the Niagara Falls but have a serene charm of their own. The fall freezes in winter and many visitors make it a point to visit the area during freezing weather to take pictures of the frozen cascade.

Cantwell Cliffs

The lure of scaling the Cantwell Cliffs has attracted many adventurers. The cliffs are actually a set of huge boulders that host a variety of flora especially beech trees. Hiking trails cut through the cliffs with some sandwiched between two massive cliffs with only enough room for one person to pass through. Thick vegetation grows in some areas while others are absolutely barren. Stone steps and trails lead from the bottom to the top platform of the cliffs from where you can have a view of the entire area.

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