Ghosts of Hocking Hills Part 1


Ghosts of Hocking Hills – Part 1


In autumn, Hocking Hills is known for its picturesque landscapes and an array of colors in which to “ooh and ahh” at…. But there are other things in these hills that may cause an entirely different tone to emanate from your voice.


Having grown up in the area I have heard dozens and dozens of stories about the eerie specters that roam certain parts of this area. Whether hiking the scenic trails of Old Man’s Cave or exploring the remnants of a town since passed, there are stories to be heard from every corner. Here are a few of my favorites.

Ash Cave Falls 

The Pale Woman of Ash Cave

One of the most mysterious ghosts is the Pale Woman of Ash Cave. Many have claimed to see a woman dressed in 1920’s clothing, peeking out from behind trees or walking closely behind people on the trail. There are no legends or stories on who this mysterious lady may be, but there are a few theories. The most prominent one is that she used to be a part of an early congregation that would have its church services inside Ash Cave. The large rock located near the waterfall of the cave is nicknamed Pulpit Rock due to its use by ministers who would stand on its flat top to preach out to their congregation.  Why this woman would remain behind after so long is a question we may never know the answer to.



The Old Man of Old Man’s Cave

Along the Cedar Valley Creek bed that runs along the Gorge of Old Man’s Cave, many have claimed to see an Old Man with wispy grey hair and a long white beard walking along with his white hunting hound. He strolls along merrily wearing old time garb and lazily carrying a flintlock rifle on his back. It is said if you follow him down the creek, he will end his trek down by an indentation in the sandstone, above a large depression in the ground where he had supposedly been buried. He will turn and smile at you as he descends into the dirt below.


While not considered to be Richard Rowe, “THE” Old Man from which the Cave gets its name, evidence suggests he may have arrived earlier than Rowe. In 1907, The Democrat-Sentinel Newspaper of Logan wrote about two boys who followed the ghost of the old man to the place where he descended. They proceeded to dig down into the spot and upon their efforts they discovered the body of the Old Man buried in a strange earthen-made box with his white dog buried with him. His flintlock rifle lay next to him with the date “1702” carved in the stock, along with his journal of which the last entry was dated 1777.


Whether this is just another tall tale or to be taken as truth, many still claim to have seen him to this day. He apparently is a most benevolent ghost. Always giving a grin and a nod to those who witness him on the trail.


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