Conkle’s Hollow – The Best View of Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills is known for its multitude of cascading waterfalls and its pillaring rock faces, but one of the most overlooked areas of Hocking Hills offers one of the best views to take it all in and that is Conkle’s Hollow.


Conkle’s Hollow is a Nature Preserve that protects a gorgeous array of wildflowers and towering birch and hemlock trees. Conkle’s has a little for everyone. One can take a nice leisurely walk on the ½ mile paved trail leading through one of the deepest and most stunning rock gorges in Ohio. The trail follows a peaceful stream and winds around to end at the small waterfall area at the end.


For the more seasoned and adventurous hiker, The Rim Trail will give you a worthy challenge and also provide my favorite view of Hocking Hills. You’ll see the sign for the Rim trail near the entrance of Conkle’s Hollow, after passing by the vistor’s information area. Follow that sign and head up the dozens of stairs until you reach start of the inclining path. When you finally reach the top, the view will surely take your breath away…provided you have any left from the climb up.

You are now standing 200 feet above the canyon floor, and you are treated with a view of glorious wave of treetops spanning for miles and folding into the horizon. This trail will encircle the entire canyon, spanning 2 ½ miles and loop around back to where you started down at the bottom. This trail does have rough terrain and will not have any safety railing near the edges so please be extremely cautious regardless of the season.



Here are the directions on how to get there!

If you continue on 664 South, past Old Man’s Cave you’ll eventually drive by Grandma Faye’s General Store. After passing that you will see where 374 splits off and you’ll want to follow that for about 1 minute until you hit the next road, Big Pine Road. Taking a right there you’ll pass a church and boom, Conkle’s Hollow will be on your right.


A lot of cabins are within a 5 to 10 minute driving distance from Conkles Hollow so it would be an ideal spot to enjoy before heading back to a cabin to soak in the Hot Tub. Here are a few close by!


Timber Ridge