Hocking State Forest

Hocking State Forest is one of the most spectacular wilderness areas in the country. Not only is there miles and miles of rich, natural scenery, there is also a range of geological formations that are worth the trip here on their own. The forest can be found near Logan, Ohio on Route 664 S and is well worth a visit.

The forest itself covers 9,266 acres of land and adjoins Hocking Hills State Park, Conkle’s Hollow State Nature Preserve, Sheick Hollow State Nature Preserve and Rock House. In an area of outstanding natural beauty and an outdoor recreational center for the area, Hocking State Forest is a must-see for anyone who comes to the region.

Hocking State Forest is a managed forest, looked after by the state. That includes forest management, controlled timber felling, erosion prevention and the protection of wildlife habitats. There is also a real emphasis on making the forest usable by all. Facilities include recreation areas, hiking, biking, hunting, camping and horse riding. Horses are especially welcome here, with over 40 miles of trails and a purpose-built horse camp.

There is also a specific rock climbing and rappelling area, the only one in Ohio. The area is 99 acres of the Hocking State Forest set aside because of the amazing Blackhand sandstone cliffs and rock formations that offer descents of between 50 and 100 feet. It is a local highlight and rock climbers come from all around to spend a few days exploring and rappelling the many faces.

Hocking State Forest also offers an interesting view into the past as you wander it’s immense floor. Here are there you can see abandoned settlements, forgotten arable fields and old roads. Remnants of an earlier time that is gradually being reclaimed by the forest. Careful observation will also pick out types of trees not natural to our climate, such as birch and hemlock.

Hocking State Forest is a local highlight and one we work hard to honor and preserve. It’s a unique wilderness with much to see. Being so close to Hocking Hills State Park and a wide range of other outdoor areas, it’s rich with wildlife, natural wonder and things to do. It’s also designed to be explored and enjoyed, which is why it’s so popular.

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