Best Time for Fall Colors – Fall Hike

When is the best time of year to see all the fall colors in Ohio? According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the best time for the most vibrant tree colors is from early October through early November. What causes this natural phenomenon every year isn’t magic, but a chemical reaction:

“Decreased amounts of sunlight in the fall trigger a chemical change in the leaves. The green chlorophyll that is visible all spring and summer begins to get broken down by a chemical called carotenoid, which is lingering in the background and is always present in a leaf.” – ODNR – Leaves will soon change color in ohio

Annual Fall Hike – Lake Hope

Lake Hope State Park

Event Date: October

Three-mile guided hikes begin at the Shelter House and end at Hope Furnace with bean soup and cornbread. Shuttles return you to your car. 740-596-5253 FREE.

Grandma Gatewood’s Fall Color Hike

Fall Colors Hike – Hocking Hills

Event Date: October

Meet with the naturalist at the Old Man’s Cave Visitor Center for a strenuous hike that spans roughly 6 miles of the Grandma Gatewood trail. 740-385-6841 FREE.

-Image from ODNR