Cedar Falls in All its Glory

Regardless of what time of the year, you absolutely must take a visit to Cedar Falls and see it in all its glory. If you have planned a trip to the area in the winter season you will have the opportunity to see frozen falls; the water turns to a massive 50 foot mass of icicles.

In the spring season the falls fall in their greatest capacity; fun fact about Cedar Falls, it is the greatest fall in volume in the Hocking Hills area.

Another fun fact about Cedar Falls; its name is a misnomer. People who settled near it earlier mistaken identified the hemlock tree as stately cedar trees and as a result the park’s name was incorrectly coined Cedar Falls.

Somehow the name stuck and despite the fact that the trees at the falls are proven to be hemlock it is still referred to as Cedar Falls. It can safely be said that these falls are the most popularly photographed in the state of Ohio. You are likely to come across beautiful shots of the falls in newspapers, magazines, calendars and films; shots are usually taken when it is raining. 

A beautiful gorge enhances the beauty of Cedar Falls enormously and the water that trickles down this gorge below the fall is pollution free and sparkles brilliantly. This water is also the home of numerous marine animals. In addition to many fish species such as the smallmouth bass, you are also likely to spot some adorable snapping turtles; creatures that you usually only see in lakes and rivers. This gorge is also a treat for hikers; its depth makes the temperature moderate and cool for those who trek the trail of the gorge.

Interesting thing about the “bent bridge” that is seen below the falls; originally straight this bridge was bent over by enormous trees that when floating downstream in high water times rammed this bridge with force that was enough to bend the bridge’s large steel girders. Today this bent bridge is a tourist attraction; it has been modernized but still maintains its natural charm. A new bridge has also been constructed right above Cedar Falls and overlooks outlines in the sandstone where a water-powered grist mill stood long ago.

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