Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills is one of our most popular destinations. The falls itself runs year-round and is a spectacle that every visitor to the area should see. The fall is 50 feet high and is currently the largest waterfall by volume in Ohio. Whichever time of year you visit, Cedar Falls has something […]

Cedar Falls in All its Glory

Regardless of what time of the year, you absolutely must take a visit to Cedar Falls and see it in all its glory. If you have planned a trip to the area in the winter season you will have the opportunity to see frozen falls; the water turns to a massive 50 foot mass of […]

Cedar Falls Trail

The Cedar Falls trail runs for half a mile around this fascinating waterfall at the end of the L-shaped area that includes Old Man’s Cave. It’s a short, but extremely worthwhile hike, for the views alone. Time it right and you can enjoy Hocking Hills in the fall, which is one of the most beautiful […]

Top Tourist Attractions in Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills is one of the most scenic locations in Ohio. The Hocking Hills State Park, which comprises a large area of the Hocking County, is home to many natural wonders. It is the place where the Alleghany Plateau reveals its magnificence in the form of waterfalls, rock formations, cliffs and caves. The park attracts […]

The Hocking Hills is Hiker’s Heaven

If you are a hiker you simply must plan a trip to Hocking Hills. Part of the Allegheny Plateau of Ohio, Hocking Hills is a mix of gorges, cliffs, waterfalls and rock shelters all in one place. It’s a dream come true for any hiker. The six major hiking trails in the State Park of […]

Ohio Waterfalls: Cedar Falls

There is something about the power and majesty of waterfalls that both fascinates and awes the observe. The sheer power of the water, the inevitability of the descent and the knowledge that the water eats rock, steel and whatever is in its way to get to its destination. Cedar Falls in Ohio is just one […]

Hocking Hills State Park

Hocking Hills State Park is a real gem in Ohio, a short drive from Logan. It sits next to Hocking State Forest and the Ash Cave Recreation area and is very popular with tourists and locals who want to get back to nature and enjoy some spectacular scenery. The park itself is spread over 2,356 […]