Experience Our Sauna Pods in Hocking Hills

Are you looking for unique ways to enhance your Hocking Hills vacation this winter? Then indulge in a Sauna Pod experience with Chalets in Hocking Hills. These barrel-shaped saunas are the hottest thing in the hills, offering visitors an idyllic place to unwind after a day of adventures. Try our two brand new Sauna Pods in the Hocking Hills and take in the picturesque views of nature from the fish eye windows. Whether you want to address the aches and pains from your hike or want to relax with friends, it’s always a good time to try our pods!

What are Sauna Pods?

Sauna Pods are free-standing cylindrical sauna units featuring a tinted floor-to-ceiling domed window. Opposed to traditional saunas, our pods enhance your sense of place, offering incredible views of the Hocking Hills from the fish eye window. Inside the pods are a small changing room, bench seat, reclining seat, chromotherapy lighting, and Bluetooth speaker. 

Both the inside and outside are made of cedar wood, offering built-in aromatherapy and antibacterial properties.


 Now that you know what Sauna Pods are all about, why should you try them in the first place?

Why Try Our Sauna Pods?

Sauna Pods are good for your health! Research claims that sauna use can help boost heart health, help with pain relief, flush toxins, and relieve stress. All saunas offer health benefits, but only our Sauna Pods in the Hocking Hills do so while surrounded by nature. Looking out the windows to the Hocking Hills scenery provides an experience that only Chalets in Hocking Hills can deliver! 


Don’t believe us? Hear from The Columbus Dispatch how our pods are an excellent way to enjoy the area indoors during your getaway!

Sauna Pods in Hocking Hills

We have four Sauna Pods for one-hour, two-hour, or full-day rentals. All rentals include space for four people, bottled water, the use of towels, outdoor seating areas, and convenient parking. We can’t for you to try our two newest sauna pods at our Chalets Old Man’s Cave locations!

Hilltop Sauna Pods 1 & 2

These saunas are perched on the hilltop along the same ridge as our Chalets AFrame cabins. Make your Hilltop Sauna Pod extra cozy by adding a Chalets branded robe!

Hillside Sauna Pods 3 & 4

Try our newest Sauna Pods in Hocking Hills, nestled into the hillside. These pods offer a shared deck so larger groups can rent the pods together and hang out. These saunas are ideal for larger groups looking for complete privacy.


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Sauna pods are open daily from 8:30 am to 7 pm. 

Give the Gift of Sauna Pods in Hocking Hills

Plan your getaway with Chalets in Hocking Hills and reserve a revitalizing session in our Sauna Pods in Hocking Hills. Or give the gift of our Sauna Pods and order a gift card online today! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out at 740-249-1283.


Keep up to date with our happenings on our Chalets in Hocking Hills Instagram. Browse through our reels for an up-close look at our relaxing Sauna Pods!