How to Plan a Hiking Trip to Clear Creek Metro Park

Some people think that Clear Creek Metro Park is just like any other city park with a few benches, trails and pools. This is not true of Ohioan parks especially those located in Hocking Valley. The valley is located in Allegheny Plateau, which is a nature’s wonder. The park is spread over an area of 4.729 acres that is greater than the total area of many American cities.

Hocking Valley has numerous rock formations of Blackhand sandstone that cannot be found at any other place, especially in American Midwest. One distinguishing feature of Hocking Hills is the presence of many waterfalls that create a unique landscape. Clear Creek Metro Park itself is located on the banks of the eponymous creek that is full of aquatic life.

You can best explore Clear Creek Metro Park by taking numerous hiking trips through the valley. Some of the trails will lead you to amazing rock formations while others will guide you to lakes, waterfalls and ponds.

Supplies You will Need

It is important to take a few supplies with you if you are planning a hiking trip to Clear Creek Metro Park. First and foremost is a first aid box as you cannot afford getting injured and waiting for the emergency response teams to arrive. A few Band-Aids and an antiseptic spray is a must-have item.

Also required is a spare pair of boots if the pair you are wearing get broken. You can also take a shirt or a pullover to protect you from the elements. Don’t forget to take your camping gear if you are planning to spend a night out in the woods. The supplies can also be had from the tourist facilitation center.

Where to Start

You can start your hiking trip to Clear Creek Metro Park from Hastings or Logan. Both places are almost equal distance from the park and a number of trails emanate from the Route 33, which connects the two cities. You can take the Clear Creek road from the main highway that will take you to the center of the park. There are tourist information centers and park rangers’ outposts that will guide you on which trail to take.

Taking one of the many trails will lead you to a lake, a cliff or a ravine, depending on your preferences. You can spend a few hours exploring the area, taking pictures and enjoying a barbecue. You can also camp out in the area or at designated places.

Hunt or Fish

Clear Creek Metro Park has one of the best hunting and fishing opportunities available in Hocking Hills. The creek is home to many varieties of bass and you can also catch trout on a lucky day. Rabbit hunting is a popular pastime for tourists though you will need to get a permit from the park authorities.