Enjoy Spring Foraging in Ohio’s Hocking Hills

Spring has sprung in Ohio’s Hocking Hills! Spring into adventure with Chalets in Hocking Hills and experience some of the best spring foraging in Ohio near your cabin rental. Connect to nature this season and search for edible plants along our trails on your own or with a local guide. Whether you are looking for elusive Morel Mushrooms or the common Spring Beauty flowers, dozens of edible plants are emerging from the soil this time of year! Purchase a foraging guide and discover nature’s bounty this spring:

Foraging in Ohio’s State Parks

Before going foraging in Ohio, it’s important to remember a few safety guidelines. Berries, nuts, and mushrooms may be gathered and removed from Hocking Hills State Parks. However, foraging is not allowed at nature preserves or seed orchards. To ensure your safety, it is essential to properly identify and research edible plants beforehand, as many plants have toxic look-alikes. By following these responsible foraging guidelines, you can confidently hit the trails this spring:

What to Forage in Hocking Hills


  • Morel Mushrooms are the most sought-after wild food found in Hocking Hills. These gourmet fungi are usually found on east-facing hillsides or at the base of elm and ash trees. We recommend looking for Morel Mushrooms near our Chalets at Old Man’s Cave.
  • Spring Beauty is an entirely edible white flower with pink-striped petals growing in open woodland areas. The roots are usually prepared by boiling, frying, or roasting with meat. 
  • Allium flowers are flowering plants that are great for cooking! The Hocking Hills are home to flowering onion, garlic, and leeks. 
  • Dandelions may be known as pesky weeds, but these plants are actually great for foraging. Young blooms have a sweet taste that is great, lightly cooked or in tea!
  • Wild Violets are purple flowers found in wooded and open areas. These plants are usually eaten raw on top of salads or as a garnish.

Guided Foraging in Hocking Hills

Go foraging in Hocking Hills with a local guide at High Rock Adventures on the Edible and Medicinal Tour. This educational tour teaches you about edible and medicinal woodland plants, wildflowers, and trees. Travel to the High Rock forest sanctuary and learn about the region’s edible plants from a local expert. Please keep in mind this tour is available from mid-April through mid-October and is recommended for children 12 and up. 

Reserve Your Hocking Hills Cabin Rental this Spring

Get out on the trails this spring and enjoy foraging in Ohio’s Hocking Hills! Return your bounty to your Chalets in Hocking Hills cabin rental and prepare your finds in the fully-equipped kitchen. All of our properties come with a cooktop, microwave, coffee maker, cooking utensils, and tableware for your convenience. Book a cabin rental for your Hocking Hills spring getaway today!