Old Man’s Cave

Here is another guest post from a visitor that stayed with us at Old Man’s Cave Chalets in May 2012. We decided to feature this one because the Bates Family come from Las Vegas, Nevada and their take on our green and pleasant land is quite unique.

“Old Man’s Cave in Hocking Hills is so green. We aren’t used to seeing hills, forests and mountains covered in lush greenery and cloud. It’s a lovely and calm experience looking out from your cabin to see nothing but morning mist. It isn’t something we’re used to!

Hocking Hills State Park is a nature lover’s wonderland. The forest is rich with life, the rains ensure everything is green and healthy and there seems to be the perfect mix of nature and making living side by side in harmony. The entrance to the park is nice and simple and the trail begins with a wooden bridge and a few steps.

Within those first few steps, you’re greeted by a wonderful waterfall, which is something we simply don’t see at home. From there you can either go left to Old Man’s Cave or right to the Devil’s Bathtub. The trail to the cave is about a mile long and is relatively easy going. Although it twists and turns, the trail is fairly solid underfoot, making the going firm.

Once you reach Old Man’s Cave, you see the larger waterfall, Middle Falls. There is a stone bridge running across the river that feeds it and there is the cave. Old Man’s Cave itself is relatively small, but the gorge it sits in runs for half a mile or more. The cave is impressive and well worth a visit.

Once finished with the cave, the trail continues across to the Devil’s Bathtub and Upper Falls. This falls is more energetic, with rapids and faster flowing water dropping into an emerald green pool below. The wooden bridge was well maintained and easy to use, while also giving us some great views of the gorge. There also seemed to be cabins there, if you needed shelter, which was a nice touch.

As May was wet, there were plenty of other waterfalls along the path we too. Each sounded and appeared slightly different, with varying amounts of both water and drama. It made for a very interesting walk back. We didn’t realize just how calming the sound of running water could be. To our mind, it makes this vacation worthwhile indeed, especially if life gets a little too much and you need some time out.

We loved our visit to Old Man’s Cave. We loved the scenery to and from the cave as well as the cave itself. For us though, the highlight had to be the waterfalls.”