Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills is one of our most popular destinations. The falls itself runs year-round and is a spectacle that every visitor to the area should see. The fall is 50 feet high and is currently the largest waterfall by volume in Ohio. Whichever time of year you visit, Cedar Falls has something […]

Buckeye Trail

The part of the Buckeye Trail that runs through Hocking Hills includes a 6 -10 mile section that takes in Cedar Falls, Ash Cave and Old Man’s Cave. It’s an amazing trail with some spectacular views and some well-worn paths. The Buckeye Trail itself is a 1,440 mile trail that encircles Ohio. It takes in […]

Cedar Falls in All its Glory

Regardless of what time of the year, you absolutely must take a visit to Cedar Falls and see it in all its glory. If you have planned a trip to the area in the winter season you will have the opportunity to see frozen falls; the water turns to a massive 50 foot mass of […]

How to Reach Conkle’s Hollow

Conkle’s Hollow is located in the heart of the Allegheny Plateau in the southeast of Ohio. The geological formation is a 200 feet tall and 100 feet wide cliff that has a very prominent face carved by millions of years of erosion. The top platform provides commanding views of the entire valley and multiple tracks […]

Conkle’s Hollow Trail

Conkle’s Hollow is a deep rocky gorge in Hocking Hills and is regarded as one of the deepest in the state. It forms part of a series of amazing rock formations that have made Hocking County such a worthwhile destination for hikers and those who love the outdoors. The Conkle’s Hollow Trail has two elements, […]

Cantwell Cliffs Trail

The Cantwell Cliffs Trail is short but challenging. At only a mile, there are a lot of climbs, difficult terrain and some pretty rough going. It’s worth the effort, but isn’t for everybody. The Cantwell Cliffs area is quite remote, being a 17 mile drive from Old Man’s Cave. That means it doesn’t get as […]

Types of Accommodation at Ash Cave

Ash Cave is one of those places that are on the priority list of hundreds of thousands of tourists. The recess cave – the largest in Ohio – is not located in a metropolitan area. Its remote location, however, has not deterred those who want to explore its iconic landscape and take a dip in […]

Cantwell Cliffs – A True Wonder of Nature

Cantwell Cliffs is one of the most popular trails in the Hocking Hills State Park. It is also one of the most adventurous among the Hocking Hills attractions. The cliffs are located at one of the remotest part of the park, allowing only those to enter who have the enthusiasm to explore the great wonder […]

Rock House Trail

The Rock House Trail is an accessible trail that gives a fantastic view of cliffs, rock formations and the best of Hocking Hills State Park. The reward for your efforts is Rock House itself, an amazing sandstone cave set into a cliff in Hocking Hills. The Rock House is the only “real” cave in the […]