New Trails! Music Festival!

Hello all of you lovely people! We hope that you have enjoying the beautiful spring weather! I have some very exciting news about the Hocking Hills State Park! The Hocking Hills State Park has added two new trails! We also have information on the Nelsonville Music Festival!

Hemlock Bridge Trail is connected to the Old Man’s Cave Gorge Trail. Once on the trail you will see beautiful rock formations as you head towards the Whispering Cave.

Whispering Cave Trail is connected to the Hemlock Bridge Trail and will let you to the second largest cave in the Hocking Hills State Park!


The Nelsonville Music Festival begins June 1-4. The Festival has over 60 different artists and bands coming down for this wonderful event! Here are just a select few artists that are heading down!

We have several cabins open still during this event! Contact us at 740-385-6517 or 1-800-762-9396 and will be more than happy to accommodate you!