Discover the Devil’s Bathtub and Hocking Hills Gems

The Hocking Hills region is known for its natural abundance, from cascading waterfalls to towering rock formations. While iconic destinations like Old Man’s Cave and Ash Cave often steal the spotlight, there are several natural attractions to explore off the beaten path during your visit. Discover unique natural attractions like the Devil’s Bathtub in Hocking Hills, a tiered waterfall that has carved out a “bathtub” in the rocks. 

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What is the Devil’s Bathtub in Hocking Hills?

The Devil’s Bathtub is a unique natural phenomenon in the Hocking Hills that you have to see for yourself! As the water flows down to Old Man’s Cave, it passes through Devil’s Bathtub, a series of tiered waterfalls connected by a narrow stream. Over time, the erosion of sandstone from the water has created a natural bowl shape, causing the water to swirl down in a whirlpool effect. Legend has it that this water goes all the way down to Hades, but in actuality, it travels down to Old Mans Cave. 

Please keep a safe distance from Devil’s Bathtub, as this area can be extremely dangerous. Swimming and wading are prohibited here!

How to Get to the Devil Bathtub

The Devil’s Bathtub is located between Upper Falls and Old Man’s Cave. We recommend taking the Grandma Gatewood Trail from the Upper Falls parking lot for the easiest access to the natural attraction. Continue exploring the trail to see natural attractions like Old Man’s Cave, Lower Falls, Cedar Falls, and Ash Cave. 

Other Hidden Gems in Hocking Hills

If you are looking for more adventures off the beaten path, we recommend checking out some of these attractions:

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