Haunted Hocking Hills – 8 Haunted Places in Ohio

Looking to explore some mysterious and quite possibly haunted places in Ohio?  There are some unsolved mysteries centuries old right here in the Hocking Hills. Sure Hocking Hills has waterfalls, hiking trails and scenic views, but did you also know about its history with the supernatural?

Reports of ghosts have been cited by visitors and locals alike.  Thrill seekers travel from all over to test their courage in the haunted areas in and around Hocking Hills.

Think you have what it takes?

Check out these places known for their eerie history and supernatural sightings to find out:

  1. Conkle’s Hollow Legend: Native Americans living in the area were hung for robbing travelers passing through, hiding their stolen treasures in nearby caves and taverns. It is said that while visitors come to find the lost treasure, they are followed by shadows of the former settlers.
  2.  Old Mans Cave Legend: A man named Richard Roe lived in Old Mans Cave with his hunting hounds in the early 1800’s. According to campers staying at the site, they can still hear the sound of Roes hounds howling on a full moon.
  3. Ash Cave Legend: Be sure to take note of any chills sent down your spine here, because that may not be the wind. A mysterious lady dressed in 1920’s attire has reportedly been following groups, peering behind trees throughout their trek.
  4.  Rose Lake Legend: While searching for her lost son, a woman fell off the edge of a cliff and died instantly. Legend has it that fishermen can still hear the woman screaming out for her sons return.
  5. Georgian Manner Legend: A history of murder and mystery surround this once haunted house. Although renovated to a charming bed and breakfast, reports of ghosts walking the lawn still exist.
  6. Rock House Hotel: There Rockhouse Hotel of the 1800s was located where the shelter house is now. A young lady named Mary was found dead in her room and now roams the area.
  7. Scotts Creek: In August of 1887, a newlywed couple had their wagon slip into Scotts Creek while trying to cross. Their wagon began to sink quickly into the 15 foot pool that leads to underground caverns. It is said the horses can be still heard screaming and a woman can be seen walking along the water.
  8. Moonville Tunnel: There was once a small town in backwoods of Vinton County. All that is left standing is a tunnel with the name of the town “Moonville”.  The legend states a conductor fell off and was run over by the train. It is said the conductor can be seen holding a lantern and walking through the tunnel at night.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, exploring these sites is worth a trip for the scenery and views alone. And who knows? You may just make an old friend along the way.

If you do come for the hauntings, be sure to stay the night in one of our cabins, we promise they’re not haunted.

*Photo from http://www.forgottenoh.com/moonville.html