Weekend Getaway in Ohio

Somehow the older we get the less time we seem to have.  Life becomes overwhelming with every passing year and time for leisure seems to suffer the most.  We are pulled in so many directions, and distractions plague us relentlessly. We know how you feel because we too used to suffer.  Well fear not fellow Ohioans, there is a solution to the madness and its Old Man’s Cave Chalets!  Whether you are a Banker, a school teacher, a janitor, a CEO of a Corporation, we all work very hard all year long.  It’s time to let Old Man’s Cave Chalets work for you.  We all deserve a break and no matter what time of the year it is Old Man’s Cave Chalets is the Number 1 Option for a carefree effortless getaway.  Twenty four hours in a day is becoming fleeting and free time is becoming prehistoric.  Pause the monotonous day to day agenda and come find yourself in the midst of Mother Nature’s grace. 

The Hocking Hills is home to 7 gorgeous state parks, showcasing breathtaking waterfalls and inconceivable rock formations surrounded by hike friendly unimaginable preserve.   Let Old Man’s Cave Chalets handle all your lodging needs on your much deserved adventure.  No matter what season it is we will graciously accommodate you and your family in an unforgettable getaway.  Why stop there? Let us direct you to the nearest Zip-Lines or how about a historic train ride on the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway.  Enjoy horseback riding or hike and explore the heart of the Hocking Hills.  No matter what you prefer to do with your much deserved free time there is always something here for you at Old Man’s Cave Chalets.  Tired of running around?  Maybe you would prefer to relax in your very own private hot tub?  How about we send you your own personal masseuse to perform a Swedish Relaxation Message or Hot Stone Deep Tissue Therapy?

Why cook your own meals when we can provide a Personal Chef to present you with the finest cuisine.  Whatever you may desire, we do our very best to accommodate any request.  The Hocking Hills are located near the historic town of Logan, Ohio which houses many local shops and accommodates multiple dining options.  Find yourself at a local favorite restaurant known as The “Millstone BBQ”.  This restaurant has a warm welcoming atmosphere and depending on the time of the year will provide outdoor seating on their beautiful patio.  No matter what part of Ohio you may reside in, escaping the daily grind may only be an hour away.  For Columbus natives it takes about 1 hour to reach this surreal destination.  Whether you are located in Cincinnati or Cleveland, the Hocking Hills welcomes any and all Ohioans.  Travel times may vary from location to location but no matter where you reside the drive is an ease.  The Hocking Hills averages 1.3 million visitors each year and that number continues to grow.  It’s time to come find out what everyone else is talking about with a weekend getaway in the Hocking Hills!!!    




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