It’s Officially Ohio Deer Hunting Season

There’s no better time to escape reality and have some bonding time with your loved ones than winter. The colder weather is perfect for hunting couples to utilize the 9,200 acres of public land in and around Hocking Hills, Ohio. Some of the best hunting zones are Hocking Hills State Forest and Wayne National Forest. Luckily, Chalets in Hocking Hills is located near both hunting grounds, so you won’t need to travel far for an excellent day hunting! Prepare for Ohio deer hunting season with the following quick tips.

Hocking Hills State Forest

Need to Know: Ohio manages Hocking Hills State Forest under a multi-use concept. The state’s primary goal is maintaining forest cover. For this reason, Hocking Hills State Forest is a thriving habitat for Whitetail Deer. Hocking Hills State Forest is especially busy during Ohio deer hunting season.

Off Limits: Conkles Hollow, Sheick Hollow, and Little Rocky Hollow. Each off-limits nature preserve is marked with white or red paint spots.

Hunting Restrictions: Hunters are not allowed to use bait to attract/hunt wild birds or deer. Visitors are also not allowed to shoot weapons, including arrows, within 400 feet of a building. It’s also illegal to shoot across a road or highway.

Zaleski State Forest

Need to Know: Zaleski State Forest boasts over 26,000 acres, which makes it the second-largest forest in Ohio. This large amount of land makes for excellent Whitetail Deer hunting grounds.

Off Limits: 3,000 acres of Lake Hope State Park

Hunting Restrictions: Similarly to Hocking Hills State Park, there’s no shooting allowed within 400 feet of a building.

Wayne National Forest Hunting

Need to Know: Deer hunters mostly visit Wayne National Forest. And since there are over 200,000 acres of land, you have a chance of catching a big buck.

Off Limits: Hunting is generally allowed everywhere except campgrounds, picnic areas, parking areas, and swimming areas.

Hunting Restrictions: Spotlighting wild animals with your vehicle is illegal. Hunters also cannot use crossbows when hunting for migratory game birds.

Chalets in Hocking Hills

After a long day of hunting, head back to your charming A-Frame cabin, tucked away on the grounds of Chalets. While there are several excellent hunting spots in Hocking Hills, Chalets is not one of them. We respectfully request that guests don’t hunt on our property. Start planning your Ohio deer hunting getaway at Chalets in Hocking Hills today! Our grounds are just minutes away from the top local attractions. Or, if you’d prefer to be surrounded by natural beauty, consider one of our small hunting cabins. Find the cottage that’s best for you by visiting our website, or talking to our knowledgeable staff at 740.385.6517.