Lily Festival 2015

Whether you are staying in one of our cabins, lodges or visiting the Hocking Hills area for the day, there is something interesting and unique for everyone to enjoy including hiking, biking, swimming, zip lines or just spending quiet time away from it all.

Another excellent annual event in the area is LilyFest held this year on July 10 – 12, 2015. Those of you who are gardeners, gazers, and photographers will enjoy LilyFest, which draws people from all around the Ohio region. The setting, in a beautifully landscaped three-acre park-like setting is simply a delight for the senses. Everywhere one looks, sits, relaxes, watches, or smells is full of horticultural and artistic delights. Some find objects as well as  art, pools, and waterfalls have made their way into this rolling, wooded area filled with delight and fantasy. The striking stylistic variety of the gardens is most appreciated when you walk though the alley of bamboo. One may describe this experience as a life in bloom. There is something for everyone. Sitting on the porch swing of the gazebo, one’s gaze is naturally drawn to the waterfall with naturalistically placed rocks and whimsically placed sculptures.  Of particular breath catching beauty is the lily pond, where you will see lily pads the size of those imagined from the garden of earthly delights. Dragonflies, bees, and other small creatures become objects of photographers’ and nature lovers’ imaginings. A tribute to this splendid experience is that over 5,000 visitors have been hosted (2011) on the rolling grounds.

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Located at 13200 Little Cola Road, near Rockbridge, Ohio, Lilyfest’s history dates back to 1992 when Bobbi and Bruce Bishop hosted the event at their home gardens. Since then, the event and gardens have grown. Over 70 area artists offer special tours for persons with disabilities ensuring that all may enjoy the experience that includes demonstrations, displays, and items for sale. Golf carts are provided from the parking lot to the gardens for visitors with disabilities.


Of special interest to amateur and experienced gardeners alike, you may talk with master craftsmen, walk the trails, sit in the gazebo, listen to the musicians, purchase garden supplies, see the butterfly exhibit and of course, lilies. Horticultural enthusiasts may enjoy short classes and personal advice given by O.S.U. Master Gardeners and Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalists help with questions on plant growing, maintenance and critter control.


For those of you who look forward to such events, but have little time to eat beforehand, several vendors including Bussert’s Buzz In Buzz Out and Lisa’s Cake Shop. Although the event is free and open to the public, donations are greatly appreciated.

If you go to LilyFest, send us your favorite pictures and remember we would like to hear more about your interests. Please let us know through your pictures to Lily Fest and follow us on Facebook.