A Scenic Way to Enjoy Your Valentine’s Day

Whether you’ve been dating for 2 months or married for 40 years, you’ll want to do something unique and fun for that special someone once Valentine’s rolls around.  What is more romantic than getting some alone time in a cozy cabin away from the hustle and bustle of life? Escape into the serenity of nature, […]

Hocking Hills Comfort Food Cruise – A Tasty Adventure

The Holidays are almost over and the time to consume a plethora of tasty foods is almost to a close…or is it? Why stop eating warm and comforting foods now,  when you can go on a huge food sampling adventure through the snowy month of January. The Hocking Hills 6th Annual Comfort Food Cruise starts […]

Conkle’s Hollow – The Best View of Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills is known for its multitude of cascading waterfalls and its pillaring rock faces, but one of the most overlooked areas of Hocking Hills offers one of the best views to take it all in and that is Conkle’s Hollow.   Conkle’s Hollow is a Nature Preserve that protects a gorgeous array of wildflowers […]

Ghosts of Hocking Hills Part 1

  Ghosts of Hocking Hills – Part 1   In autumn, Hocking Hills is known for its picturesque landscapes and an array of colors in which to “ooh and ahh” at…. But there are other things in these hills that may cause an entirely different tone to emanate from your voice.   Having grown up […]

The Unusual History of Old Man’s Cave

The popular cave in Hocking Hills has a pretty curious name, the Old Man’s Cave. The story of how this cave got its name is very intriguing one and will definitely be a treat for all curious visitors. The name hints at a rock shelter where Richard Rowe once lived. He was a hermit in […]

Haunted Hocking Hills – 8 Haunted Places in Ohio

Looking to explore some mysterious and quite possibly haunted places in Ohio?  There are some unsolved mysteries centuries old right here in the Hocking Hills. Sure Hocking Hills has waterfalls, hiking trails and scenic views, but did you also know about its history with the supernatural? Reports of ghosts have been cited by visitors and […]

Hiking in Rockbridge State Nature Preserve

Ask a couple of people which of the Hocking Hills region’s natural rock formations is the most spectacular and chances are you will get a couple of different answers. Old Man’s Cave, which was the first piece of land purchased as part of Hocking Hills State Park, is the most popular. Ash Cave, Ohio’s largest […]

Hocking Hills Golf

The Hocking Hills Golf Club & Urban Grille Restaurant is now open under new owners Chris & Kim Lanning. The menu has been redesigned by head Chef David Ellis who has over 32 years of experience in the culinary arts. From burgers to sea scallops, the new menu is sure to please everyone including the […]