3 Best Coffee Shops in the Hocking Hills

3 Best Coffee Shops “Near Me”

A Hocking Hills vacation calls for endless activities, late wake-up calls, and a steaming cup of coffee. There’s no better way to start your morning than leisurely sipping coffee without a responsibility crossing your mind. Oftentimes, the first thing visitors do on vacation is search for “best coffee shops near me.” While staying at Chalets in Hocking Hills, there’s no need to search for the local favorites. Our team knows the Hocking Hills’ coffee shops like the back of our hand. With us as your guide, you’ll be caffeinated and ready to roll in no time flat.

Upshot Roastery

Location: Chalets in Hocking Hills supplies Upshot Roastery’s products in your cabin and in our on-site store. You can also purchase purchase their coffee online and in select stores

Beverage Options: Upshot Roastery sells four flavors of coffee beans, each grown in a different place. Peru, Cusco, coffee beans are sold in light, medium, and dark roast. The beans have a blend of flavors such as hazelnut, chocolate, and lemongrass. 

Why Choose Upshot Roastery: Local company, Upshot Roastery, seeks to give coffee-drinkers an inside glance at Ohio’s farm life. The proceeds from purchased coffee are invested in the Hocking County community. As the coffee in your mug shrinks, the farm community in rural Ohio grows. 

Hocking Hills Froyo

Location: 104 E. Main St., Logan, Ohio

Beverage Option: Locally brewed Costa Rican coffee

Why Choose Hocking Hills Froyo: Family-owned and operated Hocking Hills Frozen Yogurt Company is more than just an ice cream shop! During the morning hours, visitors can purchase a hot cup of joe and a cinnamon roll. Children also enjoy this locale because of its great location. There’s an ample amount of space for families to run around and play before/after their froyo trip. 

Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium

Location: 13084 SR 664 South Logan, Ohio

Beverage Options: Specialty drinks, coffee, non-caffeinated beverages, blended drinks, and tea

Why choose Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium: No matter the Hocking Hills weather, Hocking Hills Emporium is always a wonderful idea. This one-stop coffee shop serves hot and cold crafted drinks of all sizes. Many of the beverages are unique to the coffee emporium, such as the stroopwafel latte, Cantwell Cliff cappuccino, and old man’s americano. What’s inside of these tasty treats? You’ll have to visit and see for yourself!  


To learn more about the best coffee shops “near me,” at Chalets in Hocking Hills, give our staff a call today at 740-385-6517.