Explore the Best Caves in Ohio on a Self-Guided Tour

Did you know that Ohio has some of the best cave systems in the United States? There are several incredible caves open to the public to explore. Take full advantage of an awesome outdoor adventure. You’ll be amazed at all of the caves located near Hocking Hills, in particular. Hocking Hills State Park is famous for self-guided cave tours in Ohio’s dense backcountry that let you explore the region’s natural wonders. Stop by the visitor center to learn about the caves and get a chance to see these popular cave attractions.


  • Ash Cave
  • Old Man Cave
  • Whispering Cave
  • Rock House

Ash Cave

Ash Cave is a must-see attraction amongst cave tours in Ohio. It’s the largest and most beautiful cave in Hocking Hills State Park. The name “Ash Cave” came from early settlers who discovered large piles of ashes left behind by Native American tribes. Further excavations revealed artifacts such as pottery. Take the half-mile-long Ash Cave Trail from the visitor center to reach the magnificent cave structure. It’s 700 feet wide, and you can peer up at the upper lip from the ground level.

Old Man Cave

Old Man Cave is one of the most popular caves in the Hocking Hills State Park. Its name derives from an old man who used to live in the cave. You’ll discover many exciting stories when reading the information plaques. It’s about a half-mile hike to the cave from the visitor center and accessible for everyone. The cave includes a nearby waterfall or trekking through the gorge. The trail leads behind the waterfall for a unique perspective. Be sure to check out the upper and lower regions of the cave area.

Whispering Cave

There’s a secret awaiting you at Whispering Cave: If you whisper on one side of the cave, someone can hear you on the other side. Experience the phenomenon at one of the newest additions to Ohio’s self-guided cave tour. Whispering Cave is a massive cave with a 300-feet-wide cave opening and a waterfall trickling from the ceiling. Visitors can walk below the ceiling to admire the rock formation.


Ever since opening to the public, Whispering Cave has become a major destination for visitors to Hocking Hills State Park. You can reach it via the Hemlock Bridge Trail, which crosses a bridge.

Rock House

Don’t overlook the Rock House during your visit to the park. It’s considered the only real cave in the entire park—all of the other “caves” are only overhangs. Rock House is a structure that you can actually walk inside. You’ll be amazed by the rock structure and even see some wildlife living in the cave, like birds. The high ceiling rises 25 feet tall and goes as deep as 200 feet into the cliff. Be sure to bring a flashlight because the tunnel-like cave is very dark inside.

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