How to Best Explore Cantwell Cliffs

Cantwell Cliffs are one of the most visited attractions in the Hocking Hills State Park. The cliffs are not actually a singular item but a complex of towering natural formations that are made of Blackhand sandstone. There are many distinguishing features of the cliffs, the most prominent being their intricate faced carved by nature over the course of millions of years. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the Cliffs every year, exploring every inch of it.

The tips below will come in handy if you are planning a trip to Cantwell Cliffs.

Where to Start

First things first, you need to reach Hocking Hills in order to start your exploration trip. It is the road travel that will bring you to the heart of the valley as there are no major airports or railway stations in close vicinity. You can hire a car all the way from Columbus or Cleveland though it will cost you a significant amount of money. You can also hop onto the plane and land at the nearest airport to the valley.

This, however, is also a costly job. The best way of reaching the valley is to ride a bus. There are many transport companies offering trips to Logan, which is the county town of Hocking. Logan will act as your base from where you can head out to major attractions in the area including Cantwell Cliffs.

It is always good to start with sightseeing Logan and surroundings before heading out to Cantwell Cliffs. The local pubs will offer you the opportunity to interact with locals and other tourists. The latter will come in handy to provide you with some practical tips on how to explore the area. You can also shop for items such as GPS, sneakers, water bottles, snack packs and traditional maps. Better purchase a backpack as well and stock up on tents and camping supplies if you want to spend some days in the area.

Trek to the Cliffs

There is no paved road leading to Cantwell Cliffs. You have to find your way through one of many trails. The most popular trail is accessible to the handicapped for some distance. The real thrill comes when you reach the final part of the trail where you have to negotiate through narrow passages and ascend many stone stairs to reach the top of the cliff.

There is another trek that is more treacherous than the first one but is worth the adventure for the enthusiasts. It passes through craggy rocks and rock formations and joins the main trek near the cliff. You can take the stairs to ascend the cliff and reach the viewing platform that offers commanding views of the entire area.